06 Jan 2015

SVA – Hydrographic Survey & Tide Station Installation Project

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Support Vessels of Alaska, Inc. provided vessel support for a full to partial bottom coverage hydrographic survey for nautical chart updating near False Pass, Alaska. Centered on Bechevin Bay, the area included the approaches from the Bering Sea and Pacific Ocean including Isanotski Strait. Singlebeam data was collected in the 4m to 8m depth range, while full multibeam coverage was acquired for depths greater then 8m. Approximately 3,400 linear nautical miles of bathymetric data was collected to survey 73 square nautical miles of seafloor. The project also involved the installation of four tide stations, zoning tide gauges, and had extensive shoreline verification requirements. The area is notorious for poor weather and extreme tidal current as the Bering Sea and Pacific Ocean meet and funnel through the narrow pass and shallow bay located here.


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