SVA was founded on the idea that we can provide safe and efficient vessels and crews to support critical projects. Owners David Mastolier and Jared Bradshaw have years of experience in vessel operations throughout Alaskan waters. They have worked hard to build a team of experienced mariners who share their vision.

Our Vision
To redefine the markets we serve by being innovative with a pioneering spirit and providing a superior product with a positively amazing customer experience.

Everything we do as a company is centered around our Core Values!

Our IDEOLOGY is simple, and it is our guiding principle.

“If the client is successful, then we will be successful.”

Our mission statement is simple and true to its words, “Our mission is to support your mission, safely.”

We do what we can to make our clients successful!

Here at SVA, we VALUE our customers! And the good news is they know it. This is because we hold to and practice a special type of customer experience strategy we call Client Commitment.
What the heck is “Client Commitment”?

Client Commitment is the name of our awesome customer experience program — emphasis on customer experience!

The common term you’ve heard a million times is “customer service.” The difference between customer experience and customer service is that customer service is REACTIVE — customer service is what happens when the client has a problem, and we need to fix it.

On the other hand, customer experience is PROACTIVE. It’s an approach that catches problems before they happen. Beyond that, it’s a process of creating a relationship with our clients that’s not just about what we do but about how they feel when interacting with us.

The 6 phases of our customer experience:


David L Mastolier

David Mastolier

David L Mastolier, President and General Manager, has lived in Alaska since 1976. He began running boats as a child, purchasing his first vessel at the age of 14. After graduating from Valdez High School he served his country in the Army. Upon returning, Dave jumped back into the marine industry and over the years has operated many varied vessels such as pilot, tug, landing craft, research, and passenger vessels throughout the Alaska coastline. He has held a Coast Guard Captains license since 1990 with zero accident record and no USCG disciplinary actions or citations.

Dave resides in Homer with his wife, Bonnie, of 25+ years where they raised their two daughters, Valerie and Melanie.

email: dave@svaboats.com


Jared Bradshaw

Jared Bradshaw

Jared G Bradshaw, Vice President and Operations Manager, moved with his family to Alaska in 1995.  He began working on vessels right away at the age of 15.  Jared obtained his USCG license at the young age of 19, and began to run large passenger vessels throughout the remote coastline of Alaska. Jared has held a USCG Captains license since 1998 with a zero-accident record with vessels, passengers, and crew and has not been party to any USCG disciplinary action or citation.

Jared resides in Homer with his wife, Britny, of 18+ years and their four children: Joshua, William, Gabriel, and Gracey.

email: jared@svaboats.com

Bonnie G Mastolier

Bonnie Mastolier

Bonnie G Mastolier, Secretary/Treasurer and Office Manager, has lived in Alaska since 1986. She initially came to Alaska from the Pacific Northwest to work a 4-month contract on a crab processor. After that work she decided to stay in Alaska and worked for Alaska Commercial Company in Dutch Harbor as an office manager. She began a 20-year career, in Homer, as a commercial lines insurance broker in 1992. Her experience included working with clients in the maritime industry, assisting them with her in depth knowledge of insurance coverages and risk management.

Bonnie enjoys running and many outdoor activities, as well as spending time with family and friends.

email: bonnie@svaboats.com