About Us – Support Vessels of Alaska (SVA)

Our Founding Principles: Support Vessels of Alaska (SVA) was established with a singular vision — to provide safe and efficient vessels and crews to support critical projects. Founded by experienced mariners, our company has evolved to become a trusted name in vessel operations throughout Alaskan waters.

Collaborative Expertise: At SVA, we have fostered a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among our team of experienced personnel. Our dedicated professionals work closely together, leveraging their individual expertise to form a cohesive unit ready to take on the most challenging maritime projects. This collaborative approach not only enhances our ability to tackle complex tasks but also ensures a continuous exchange of knowledge, keeping our team at the forefront of industry advancements. At SVA, we believe that a united and knowledgeable team is the key to delivering excellence in every project we undertake.

Our Vision: At SVA, we aspire to redefine the markets we serve by embodying innovation with a pioneering spirit. Our commitment is not only to deliver a superior product but also to provide a positively amazing customer experience.

Core Values: Everything we do is centered around our Core Values, and our ideology is straightforward: “If the client is successful, then we will be successful.” This guiding principle shapes our mission and underscores our dedication to supporting your mission safely.

Mission Statement: Our mission is simple yet profound – “To support your mission, safely.” We go beyond the conventional to ensure the success of our clients because we firmly believe that our success is intertwined with theirs.

Client Commitment: At SVA, we don’t just provide customer service; we cultivate a unique approach called Client Commitment. Unlike reactive customer service, our customer experience is proactive. It’s about anticipating needs, catching potential issues before they arise, and creating a relationship that extends beyond transactions.

Understanding “Client Commitment”: Client Commitment is our dedicated customer experience program, and it goes beyond the ordinary. Instead of merely fixing problems when they occur, we focus on preventing them altogether. We believe in creating a relationship with our clients that goes beyond the functional aspects of what we do; it’s about how they feel when interacting with us.

The 6 Phases of Our Customer Experience:

  1. Supportive: We are there for our clients, offering assistance and guidance whenever needed.
  2. Responsive: Addressing inquiries and concerns promptly to ensure a seamless experience.
  3. Reliable: Consistency in delivering dependable services, building trust over time.
  4. Accommodating: Tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of our clients.
  5. Consistency: Providing a consistently high level of service across all interactions.
  6. Transparency: Open and clear communication, fostering trust and understanding.

At SVA, we don’t just provide vessels; we offer a partnership built on safety, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to your success. Experience the SVA difference – where every interaction is more than a transaction; it’s an opportunity to exceed expectations.


David L Mastolier

David Mastolier

David L Mastolier – President and General Manager

Meet David L Mastolier, the President and General Manager of Support Vessels of Alaska, Inc. With a deep-rooted connection to Alaska since 1976, David’s journey in the marine industry began at an early age.

Early Years: As a child, David started running boats, showcasing an innate passion for the maritime world. His dedication and determination led him to purchase his first vessel at the remarkable age of 14, setting the stage for a lifelong commitment to the sea.

Service to Country: After graduating from Valdez High School, David served his country in the Army. His experiences during this time further honed his leadership skills and instilled a sense of discipline that would later define his approach to managing marine operations.

A Veteran Mariner: Upon his return, Dave seamlessly reentered the marine industry. Over the years, he has operated a diverse fleet of vessels, including pilot boats, tugs, landing craft, research vessels, and passenger vessels along the vast and challenging Alaskan coastline. His comprehensive experience reflects a deep understanding of the intricacies of maritime operations.

Coast Guard Captaincy: David’s commitment to safety and professionalism is evident through his Coast Guard Captains license, held since 1990. With an impeccable record, boasting zero accidents and no USCG disciplinary actions or citations, he exemplifies the highest standards of maritime competence.

Family and Community: David calls Homer home, where he resides with his wife, Bonnie, of over 30 years. Together, they have raised two daughters, Valerie and Melanie. David’s connection to his family and the community reflects his commitment to building a legacy that extends beyond the professional realm.

David L Mastolier’s leadership at Support Vessels of Alaska is driven by a passion for the sea, a commitment to safety, and a desire to redefine excellence in the maritime industry. His journey from a boat-running child to a seasoned mariner and business leader is a testament to his dedication and love for Alaska’s waters.

Contact: dave@svaboats.com


Jared Bradshaw

Jared Bradshaw

Jared G Bradshaw, Vice President and Operations Manager, moved with his family to Alaska in 1995.  He began working on vessels right away at the age of 15.  Jared obtained his USCG license at the young age of 19, and began to run large passenger vessels throughout the remote coastline of Alaska. Jared has held a USCG Captains license since 1998 with a zero-accident record with vessels, passengers, and crew and has not been party to any USCG disciplinary action or citation.

Jared resides in Homer with his wife, Britny, of 18+ years and their four children: Joshua, William, Gabriel, and Gracey.

Contact: jared@svaboats.com

Bonnie G Mastolier

Bonnie Mastolier

Bonnie G Mastolier – Secretary/Treasurer and Office Manager

Meet Bonnie G Mastolier, the Secretary/Treasurer and Office Manager at Support Vessels of Alaska, Inc. With a vibrant history in Alaska spanning since 1986, Bonnie brings a wealth of experience and a passion for the unique challenges of the maritime industry.

Alaskan Adventure: Bonnie’s Alaskan journey began in 1986 when she made the trek from the Pacific Northwest to work a 4-month contract on a crab processor. Her initial plan was temporary, but Alaska’s allure captured her heart, and she decided to make it her permanent home.

Professional Background: In the early stages of her Alaskan residency, Bonnie worked for Alaska Commercial Company in Dutch Harbor, where she served as an office manager. This experience laid the foundation for her versatile skill set and organizational prowess. In 1992, Bonnie transitioned to a 20-year career as a commercial lines insurance broker in Homer. Serving clients in many industries, including maritime, she provided invaluable assistance with her in-depth knowledge of insurance coverages and risk management.

Passions Beyond the Office: Beyond her professional pursuits, Bonnie embraces an active lifestyle. She enjoys running and engaging in various outdoor activities, connecting with the natural beauty that Alaska offers. Her commitment to a healthy work-life balance is reflected in her appreciation for spending quality time with family and friends.

Integral to SVA’s Success: As Secretary/Treasurer and Office Manager of Support Vessels of Alaska, Bonnie’s role is integral to the smooth functioning of the organization. Her wealth of experience, combined with a deep understanding of the maritime industry, contributes to the success and efficiency of the company.

Bonnie G Mastolier’s journey from the Pacific Northwest to becoming a vital part of Alaska’s maritime community is a testament to her adaptability, expertise, and commitment. Her multifaceted role ensures that Support Vessels of Alaska continues to thrive in providing top-notch services to its clients.

Contact: bonnie@svaboats.com