Support Vessels of Alaska, Inc. employs adventurous, motivated, and skilled individuals to crew our vessels. Our work takes us on many adventures supporting research, surveys, seismic operations, and many other vital projects.

Support Vessels of Alaska, Inc. was started in 2013 by owners Dave Mastolier and Jared Bradshaw. SVA was founded on the idea that we can provide safe and efficient vessels and crews to support critical projects important for Alaska and Alaskans’ wellness.
We have seen our work do more than focus on Alaska through the years.

The science/research projects SVA supports are used to make decisions that affect the world’s outlook on what is happening. Crucial decisions are made because of it, both nationally and internationally.

The hydrographic surveys we conduct are essential to the safety of the marine industry.

Our cable route surveys are necessary to facilitate high-speed internet access to remote areas to provide more reliable medical care and 21st-century education technology.

The site hazard surveys we conduct for gas or oil pipelines or platforms are used to determine if their project will be hazardous to the environment or human health.

We support environmental remediation projects that help protect human health and restore the environment.

The work we do is vital in many ways. Our clients have recognized us as “mission-essential.” We started small, but our necessity has grown to the importance we did not imagine.

We are a small company, and our employees are like family. We value our employees’ input and understand that it is because of our employees that our company is as successful as it is today.

If you want to be part of a small, successful team that explores Alaskan waters and other waters and where the safety of customers and crew is the number one priority, give us a call.