• Environmental Remediation Services
  • Environmental Remediation Services
  • Environmental Remediation Services

Support Vessels of Alaska, Inc. (SVA) provides environmental remediation and restoration vessel support in the most remote areas of Alaska. SVA has experience in supporting site assessments, remedial investigations, and removal actions. 

Our support vessels vary in size and can accommodate your field work whether it is a short project or a full season remote area endeavor, summer, or winter. SVA’s experienced crews are dedicated to assisting your field staff in completing your project in a safe and efficient manner. 

SVA has specialized vessels for logistical support such as a small deck loaded landing craft to transport drill rigs or other needed equipment to and from difficult to reach beaches. We also have an amphibious vessel for beach landings in rougher seas. Our transport vessels are Aleutian weather ready and are a great option for reducing and even eliminating weather delays. 

Whether you need a floating camp, a specialized vessel, a rescue standby vessel, or a transport vessel with re-fueling capabilities, SVA would like to hear from you. 

Contact us and let us know your needs. 

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