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The Research Vessel Arctic Seal is a 130′ steel vessel with a USCG Oceanographic Research Vessel designation and a USCG Certificate of Inspection for hauling freight, making it a versatile craft for many different projects. The R/V Arctic Seal is configured as a landing craft but yet is a heavy weather vessel.

The R/V Arctic Seal is equipped with a 4′ moonpool and an 8.5-ton deck crane with a 35′ reach of 4000 #s. It has a vast deck space, easily holding 20′ shipping containers with room leftover for the deck work area and a cargo capacity of up to 280-ton.

In 2014 the R/V Arctic Seal went through a significant overhaul with both main engines replaced with new clean-burning, economical mains, and the generators were replaced with two 99kw generators.

The R/V Arctic Seal has been utilized for various projects in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, the Bering Sea, the Aleutian Islands, the Gulf of Alaska, and Alaska’s South East waters.

The Arctic Seal is a solid workhorse with an endurance of over 20 days continuous cruising (5500 miles) or over 40 days of 24/7 surveying. As a result, the Research Vessel Arctic Seal is a very suitable vessel able to support many types of operations such as oil exploration, mining exploration, environmental clean-up, oceanographic research, site hazard surveys, and many other maritime operations.


Landing Craft
USCG Inspected
ABS Loadline


Length overall: 130’
Beam: 32’
Light Mean Draft: 4 ft. 2 in.
Loaded Mean Draft: 7 ft. 3 3/8 in.

Engines (2)

Engine(s): 2 ea. Cat C-18
Engine(s) Total Power: 1,200 HP
Cruising Speed: 10+ knots (34-40 gph)


Main House: 9 beds
Modules: 8 beds
May carry 22 persons onboard


Deck Crane
Deck Cargo: 289.67 tons
Clear Deck: 72 ft. x 30 ft.


Freshwater: 5,400 gal. water makers (1,400
gallons per day.)
Fuel: 22,000 gal.
Holding Tank: 200 gal. Type ll MSDS


(2) 99 KW Generators


Full range of navigation equipment

Safety Equipment

Full Safety specs provided upon request.

Moon Pool

Centrally located Moon Pool